Red TenEight Mega

Enter the Red Paddle Co Ten Eight Mega. It was a huge technical challenge to design an inflatable that could work with this width and volume, but we’ve cracked it! Thanks to the unique Red Air construction methods, you can pump this baby up to a high pressure – more pressure equals more volume. You can pump the Mega so it’s rock solid and stable, even with a huge weight on board.

The combination of overall width plus the wide tail creates an unbelievably stable platform. You’re probably thinking, hmmm, anything that big will probably be slow and lifeless. Not so! Admittedly it’s never going to win any races, but it still feels lively and responsive – we’ve put it head to head against every other 34cm+ board on the market and it blows them all away. The Mega is completely unique. There’s nothing else like it on the market – indeed, nobody else could make it the same as we do.

The Ten Eight comes complete with a carry bag and special Red Paddle Co Ezee pump, which makes inflation to 15-20psi really easy, leaving you more time to paddle. It’s easy to pack and store the boards at the end of the season.


Length: 10’8″
Width: 36″
Thickness: 4″
Colour Options: Cali
  1. Robust double layer construction for strength, stiffness and consistent rocker shape
  2. EVA deck – non slip without abrasion
  3. Special ‘Air Block’ membrane eliminates leakage – no loss of air pressure
  4. 10 stitch per inch internal structure – no shape distortion
  5. Quadruple Rail construction

Why Red?

This is a question we get asked all the time.Almost as though they are trying to catch us out and wait for us to admit that our boards are just standard inflatables.The really good thing is that there is a major difference between us and all the other brands and it doesn’t take us long to explain.You can pretty much narrow the differences down as far as the boards go to two very important factors:

Internal Construction

All Red Air boards use our Quadruple Rail construction. In an inflatable board there is one massive area of weakness – the rails.This is where the material is joined and this is where you would have problems if you were ever going to get a leak.The Rails on a Red Air are 4 x thicker than any other brand.You could wear through 3 layers and still have an air tight board.All other boards are single layer – it only takes one contact with a sharp edge to rip a hole in a single rail board creating disaster. It isn’t just a case of sticking extra layers on.We place each layer in the right place and join them exactly.

Air Pressure

All Red Air boards can take a lot of air pressure. Most other brands only recommend 15psi (any more than this and the risk of explosion or leaks increases).We have pressure tested our boards to 3 times this pressure.The harder the board the better it performs. Don’t settle for a 15psi max board. Get a Red – The real deal.

The third factor is that we are 100% inflatable.We don’t do anything else.We are specialists and we know more than most about inflatable boards.We are passionate about our brand, the inflatable concept and we use the boards ourselves.There is no comparision.

We are sure that once you try a Red you will love it.The proof is in the paddling.

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