Due to the Covid-pandemic our instructor had to take on a

second job to make ends meet. At this stage, we regret, that we don’t offer any SUP lessons. We currently only

offering SUP hire – to confident adult swimmers at our stunning & sheltered Portnellan farm base/southside of Loch Lomond near Gartocharn. We will update this website as soon as we offer Stand Up Paddle lessons and SUP tours again.


All lessons will consist of:

  1. Meet and greet
  2. Allocation of clothing and equipment
  3. Travel to and from start location
  4. Briefing on safety, location, conditions and detailed route
  5. Hazards, risks
  6. SUP clothing and equipment
  7. SUP etiquette
  8. Swimming ability
  9. Water entry and exit
  10. Correct paddling techniques
  11. Prone paddling
  12. Kneel paddling
  13. Stand Up Paddling
  14. Correct stance and feet positioning
  15. Falling safely
  16. Paddling left and right, turning, backwards
  17. How to fall safely
  18. Pivoting techniques, etcs subject to student levels and progress
  19. At the end of your session, we will review all skills and you will be assessed.

Stand Up Paddle Board Student Levels

  • Taster level
  • Beginner level
  • Enclosed water level
  • Exposed water level

In your beginner’s lesson we will teach you

  • board transport and handling skills;
  • different paddling techniques;
  • foot placement and stance;
  • basic and fast turning;
  • rough water paddling technique;
  • balance exercises;
  • rescue techniques.

Most students confidently handle a board on flat water. The entire lesson is conducted in calm, flat waters as it is important to focus on the important elements of board, paddle and stroke. During the second part of our lesson we tend to paddle gently downstream in flat water and you can get close to some wildlife. The boards are so silent compared with boats it is possible to get amazingly close without scaring the wildlife away. It’s well worth bringing a waterproof camera for these trips.

Once you have reached enclosed water level, you will receive a free ASI Stand Up Paddle Board log book to record your skill-levels. Once you have reached exposed water level, we can take you on longer, more advanced trips in more challenging conditions.

Our base is in Alloa – 10 minutes from Stirling & the University (where our office was for 27 years), 45 minutes from Edinburgh & Glasgow